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Workshop on Advancing Governance of Producer Organizations

Resolutions made in the workshop
  1. Resolution has been passed to request the Small Farmers Agri-business Consortium to release 25% of the35 lakhs allotted for the promotion of producer organizations as advance.
  2. Producer Organizations should aggregate the producers of the members and find market by themselves.
  3. Request has to be made to SFAC to reconsider the number of members to be grouped in the Producer Organization from minimum 1000 members to 200 members.
  4. Request has to be made to include Tenants (land lessee) also to be member of Producer Organizations like land owners.
  5. Producer Organizations should be owned and governed by small farmers and managed by professionals.
  6. Efforts have to be taken with banks to give priority in giving loans to producer organizations.
  7. The members of Producer Organization should directly involve in checking the quality of raw materials and other inputs and outputs. They should get familiarized with the governance of accounting maintained in Producer Organizations.
  8. Producer Organizations should have close collaboration with banks, research institutions, training institutes, government and non government organizations to function as a self sustainable organization.

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