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Welcome to Kalanjium Thozhilagam Limited Welcome to Kalanjium Thozhilagam Limited Welcome to Kalanjium Thozhilagam Limited Welcome to Kalanjium Thozhilagam Limited Welcome to Kalanjium Thozhilagam Limited

Kalanjium Thozhilagam Limited (KTL), a development enterprise for poor and a public limited Company, is the business initiative of DHAN Foundation, promoted by business based poor people’s organizations, with the objective of improving their income and making their life sustainable through business intervention. It is people owned, people governed and professionally managed organization. It has been catering to the business needs of the poor people for more than a decade, with Madurai in Tamil Nadu as its headquarters.

Board of Directors has been constituted with the representatives of business organizations of poor people. An exclusive business team has been formed with experienced professionals from the business divisions of Corporate Companies who are pioneers in rural marketing. Their rich experience facilitates to understand the needs of the target groups who are poor.

An Advisory Committee consisting of Eminent Business Executives has been constituted to guide the business team. The committee reviews and guides the team.

KTL is a Licensed supplier of fertilizers, seeds & plant protection chemicals and License holder of Export and Import.

  1. Adoption of Fair Trade Practices
  2. Ensuring Quality of products
  3. Eco- friendly business
  4. Ensuring credibility and dependability
  5. Customer satisfaction

KTL specializes in supporting the livelihood activities of poor in the following six areas, namely Agricultural Commodities, Bio-Agri Inputs, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Bio-Energy, Sea Food and Handicrafts

  1. To increase the income of the poor people through Productivity Enhancement, Value Addition and Market linkages without the intervention of middlemen.
  2. To share the surplus for supporting the development activities of Dhan Collective Institutions.
Promotion of Livelihood Enhancement and Livelihood enterprises for the poor for Poverty Reduction

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