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Erstwhile Pandiya Kingdom had Unique handicrafts made out of Wood, Metals, Palm Leaves, Silver, Clothes, etc.

Artisans making the following handicrafts are grouped into Primary Producer Groups and are supported by KTL to market their products.

Palm Leaf Products:Visiting Cards, Greeeting Cards, Marriage invitations, Presentation materials, Book markers, baskets etc.

Batik Products:Wall Hangers, Pillow Covers, Bedspreads, Scarf, Sarees, Chudi materials, Wrap arounds, Hand Kerchief, T-shirts, Files, Shoulder Bags, etc.

Terracotta Products:Lamps, Statues of various Gods, Animals, Flower vase, Bells, Tulsi Madam etc., in different size.

Athangudi Tiles:Handmade Athangudi floor tiles, which will not lose its lusture and glossiness for more than 100 years.

Metal Carvings:Pavai Vilakku, Elephant, Horses, Camel, Flower Vase

Wood Carvings:Miniature of Yali, Gajalakshmi door Panel etc.

Coir products:Mat, Basket etc.

KTL has experience in exporting stone sculptures and metal coverings to Thailand and Athankudi Handmade Floor tiles to France.

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