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Southern district of Tamil Nadu, namely Ramnad, Sivaganga, Virudhunagar and Tuticorin districts are having 15 lakhs hectares of thorny trees namely Prosophis juliflora. All these districts are drought prone. The availability of cultivable land is limited due to saline nature of the soil. It is the main source of livelihood for the poor people of this area. They cut trees and sell as fuel wood and charcoal made out of Prosophis wood which has more heat energy 6700 kilocalories per kg than other woods.

This activity gives employment opportunity for 6.34 million Man days and 7.03 million woman days per annum for rural poor people and there exists a business potential of around Rs. 1000 Crores in a year. To maximize their income KTL has intervened in this activity to make them as self employed and help them to market their produces at a better price. People involved are grouped into Primary Producer Groups and promoted as a Producer Company.


Charcoal is used in Steel plants, Ferroalloys industries, Carbide Factories, Fertilizer Granulating units and Tiles & Ceramics Industries. It can replace the use of furnace oil, Diesel and Imported coal.

Sl.NoProductPictureCapacity to supply
1 Fuel wood 1000.MT/month
2 Charcoal1000.MT/month

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