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Athangudi Tiles:

Imagine the harsh summer sun, beating down on you. No respite from the hot winds until you step barefoot into a traditional Indian home. Cool tiles underfoot soothe your soles, welcome you into pleasant confines insulated against the worst of heat. Different parts of India have their own flooring traditions, dependent on locally available raw material, craftsmanship and the extent of use of cultural symbols.

Athangudi tiles, named after their place of manufacture in Chettinad, Tamil Nadu, come in myriad colours and patterns and are made by a unique process using local soil. These tiles are testimony to the rich cultural heritage of the old traditing community of Chettiars who travelled across the seas on business. They effectively adapted many influence to their own brand of local craftsmanship. The designs and colours used in Athangudi tiles are still those of a bygone era.

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