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Medicinal Commodities Medicinal Commodities

In India medicinal plants are naturally growing mostly in Himalayas, Western Ghats and Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Most of the poor people, especially, women who are living in the foot hills of Western Ghats are gathering medicinal plants for their livelihood for generations. They were exploited heavily by the middlemen through their unfair trade practices. Hence, KTL intervenes in this activity by organizing them into groups and establishing Procurement Centres in the villages itself and adopt Fair Trade Practices in procuring and linking with the major herbal medicine manufacturers without the intervention of middlemen and to help them to get maximum benefit out of this activity.

Major Medicinal Plants available in the area of operation are :

Sl.NoName of the medicinal plantCommon nameBotanical namePictureCapacity to supply(MT)
1 Tulsi Tulsi Ocimum sanctum 250
2 Vatta saranathi whole plant Punarnava Bhoerhavia diffusa 200
3 Gymnema Gudmar Gymnema sylvestris 100
4 KarisalankanniBringhraj Eclipta alba 100
5 Keelanelli Bhoomi amlaki Phyllanthus amarus 50
6 Mevanelli Mevanelli Phyllanthus medraspentensis 200
7 Nerunjil mullGokshri Tribulous terrestris 50
8 Neem Leaves Neem Azadiracta indica 100
9 VallaraiVallarai Centella asiatica 50
10 Morringa Drumstic tree Moringa oleifera 10

KTL promotes Home Remedies for small ailments by using the above herbs. Training and capacity Building is given to poor people to use the herbal medicines.

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